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62930 IEC 131 1500VDC

Item NO.:PV-131

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Halogen free cross-linked polyolefin double layers photovoltaic cables for use at the photovoltaic power systems. This cable can match with most PV-com¬ponents like PV-junction boxes and PV-connectors, which have a rated voltage of 1500 V DC.
Cable surface marking
62930 IEC 131 1X ** mm2  1500VDC  HALOGEN FREE LOW SMOKE  TYKJ


IEC62930:2017 by TUV


Packaging: 4mm PV cable, 100 meters/roll, 112 rolls per pallet; 500 meters/roll, 18 rolls per pallet. 20 pallets in one 20FT container. Other type can be customized

Item No.Product
Conductor cross
section mm 2
Strand design
Number x Ø mm
Ω / km 20°C
PV-131-15BPV Cable1311500VDC1X1.530/0.2513.704.7±0.1mmBlack
PV-131-15RPV Cable1311500VDC1X1.530/0.2513.704.7±0.1mmRed
PV-131-25BPV Cable1311500VDC1X2.549/±0.1mmBlack
PV-131-25RPV Cable1311500VDC1X2.549/±0.1mmRed
PV-131-40BPV Cable1311500VDC1X4.056/0.2855.095.6±0.1mmBlack
PV-131-40RPV Cable1311500VDC1X4.056/0.2855.095.6±0.1mmRed
PV-131-60BPV Cable1311500VDC1X6,084/0.2853.396.1±0.1mmBlack
PV-131-60RPV Cable1311500VDC1X6.084/0.2853.396.1±0.1mmRed
PV-131-100BPV Cable1311500VDC1X1077/0.41.957.3±0.1mmBlack
PV-131-100RPV Cable1311500VDC1X1077/0.41.957.3±0.1mmRed
PV-131-160BPV Cable1311500VDC1X16126/±0.1mmBlack
PV-131-160RPV Cable1311500VDC1X16126/±0.1mmRed
PV-131-250BPV Cable1311500VDC1X25196/0.40.79511.2±0.1mmBlack
PV-131-250RPV Cable1311500VDC1X25196/0.40.79511.2±0.1mmRed
PV-131-350BPV Cable1311500VDC1X35273/0.40.56512.6±0.1mmBlack
PV-131-350RPV Cable1311500VDC1X35273/0.50.56512.6±0.1mmRed

Product technical data sheet

Cable design
ConductorTinned copper wires, according IEC 60228, Class 5
Insulation125 ℃ Low-Smoke Halogen-Free Flame Retardant Polyolefins
Outer jacket125℃ Low-Smoke Halogen-Free Flame Retardant Polyolefins
Special technologyElectron beam cross-linked
Electrical characteristics
Rated voltage U0/UDC 1500V
Temperature range-40℃ up to +90℃
Max. temperature at conductor120℃
Min. bending radius5 x cable diameter
Industry StandardsIEC62930: 2017
Measurement of the resistance of conductorIEC 60228:2004
Measurement of the insulation resistanceIEC 60227-2:1997
Volatage test on completed cable with DC or ACIEC60245-2:1994
Long term resistance of insulation to DCIEC62821-2:2015
Ozone resistanceIEC60881-506
Weathering/UV resistanceIEC62930:-Annex E
Test for vertical flame propagation on complete cableIEC60332-1-2
Dimensions and specifications may be changed without prior notice.
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