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2V Energy storage battery 100-3000AH

Item NO.:GFM-nAH

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  • Port:Ningbo/Shanghai
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Fixed Type VRLA GEL battery

Rated Volatage: 2V

Capacity range:100AH-3000AH

Using pure Germany GEL technology, its low internal resistance, good performance of high rate discharge.

Adding special additives to positive and negative lead paste. High utilization of the active material, overcharge, over discharge acceptance ability is strong.

Using the unique combination of labyrinth pole seal structure (patented technology) and welding process, ensure sealed, safe and reliable.

Item   No.Rated VolatageCapacitySize   (mm)
    (including terminal)
PVENER-GFM-100 Lead acid gel battery2V100AH174107210218
PVENER-GFM-200 Lead acid gel battery2V200AH174107335345
PVENER-GFM-300 Lead acid gel battery2V300AH176156329339
PVENER-GFM-400 Lead acid gel battery2V400AH210176330340
PVENER-GFM-500 Lead acid gel battery2V500AH244174330340
PVENER-GFM-600 Lead acid gel battery2V600AH302176330336
PVENER-GFM-800 Lead acid gel battery2V800AH411174329342
PVENER-GFM-1000 Lead acid gel battery2V1000AH479175329338
PVENER-GFM-1200 Lead acid gel battery2V1200AH346310327338
PVENER-GFM-1500 Lead acid gel battery2V1500AH355337330342
PVENER-GFM-2000 Lead acid gel battery2V2000AH476337330342
PVENER-GFM-3000 Lead acid gel battery2V3000AH696340330342
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