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Transportation Service


If you don't know about import clearance procedures or have no import experience, we can provide you with professional advice or related support. For example, we can recommend local experienced clearance companies or freight forwarders to help you to complete customs clearance.


We can provide you with the most reasonable solution based on your order quantity and destination, combined with our more than ten years of export experience and cooperation with professional transportation companies. For example, Central Asia, Russia and other regions, according to the specific number of loading and delivery locations, choose a reasonable transportation method -railway transportation, automobile transportation or sea transportation, and design the best transportation route for you, which will minimize your shipping costs.


Large capacity waste containers are known for high transportation fees because of their size and weight. In order to save transportation space, we have figured out a way to save the fees by splitting and stacking to maximize the loading number. At the same time, we will provide you with installation instructions and videos. If necessary, we can also arrange assembly personnel to go to the local to do assembly guide.