Professional new energy product design and manufacturing
  • 2023-Jan

    Electric cables for photovoltaic systems with voltage above 1500V DC up to 2000V DC
    On September 22, 2022, the standard for 2000V photovoltaic power generation system jointly prepared by TUV SUD, SOWELLSOALR ( Zhejiang Sowell Electric Co., Ltd ) and other companies was officially released. This standard specifies three different types of conductors, tinned copper, aluminum alloy and tinned copper aluminum alloy. The system voltage is upgraded to 2000VDC. The test voltage is increased from AC6.5KV to AC8.5KV. The upgraded photovoltaic cable is downward compatible with 1000V and 1500V system voltage. The use of photovoltaic cable of this voltage level will help to improve the safety of the photovoltaic system.
  • 2021-Jul

    TUV Rheinland will hold a seminar on August 5-6, 2021
    TUV Rheinland will hold a seminar on photovoltaic, energy storage parts and cables in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province August 5-6, 2021